Kowei Enterprise Co. Ltd. is the company handed down from Lee's ancestors of four generations. The former name of our company is chen-hsing oil factory established in 1940. We produce and sell various types of cooking oil, such as Camellia oil and sesame oil. For the trend, we want to create second income pipeline, alongside our traditional distribution route. So we established the farmer's group in 2003– Huwei Association of Farm Production and Bio-tech Yunlin Country, and rename as Kowei Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Besides, for selling products made of traditional method, Kowei concentrate people’s professional ability to develop better, exquisite edible oil and relevant products. We hope that consumers find everything refresh and different from ordinary ones. Consumers have more natural and healthy products to choose. To understand edible oil not only be used in cooking, but in other application. Our production is good to be a gift and use it for yourself.

We insist such idea “natural, healthy, and environment. “ In addition to what we made, our company plans to develop the serial products of Camellia oil in the future, including the herb hair conditioner, herb facial/body scrub, herb facial mask, herb skin care products series…etc, and other biotechnology products.