Camellia oil is a precious oil pressed from camellia seeds. The taiwan's older generation is familiar with camellia oil as a healthy edible oil used by women for recuperation after childbirth or for people with poor digestive system. Camellia oil is beneficial for the skin and mucus film of the digestive tract. Not only can this oil increase appetite and be used for beautify care, it is also very high in nutrition. 

Legend has it that Empress Dowager Cixi and Jiang Soong May-Ling uses camellia oil to maintain their skin. Camellia oil has been called the "olive oil of the East," but in reality, it is far better than olive oil. That is because camellia oil is very heat resistant. Meaning, it has a very high smoking point temperature. That makes camellia oil suitable for frying, cooking, and for salads. To modern people who care about health and good food, it is a necessary oil for everyday cooking. Camellia oil is a vegetable oil with a natural herbal fragrance and is light amber green in color.

We use traditional cold press methods to press camellia seeds and produce the oil. Camellia oil is not refined from ordinary tea tree seeds!